Aapni Pathshala is Founded By Shri Dharmveer Jakhar. Earlier A project of Muskan Sansthan Churu started in 2017 and is aimed at comprehensive development of slum Dwellers with special focus on Educational needs of children; employment opportunities of semi literate youth; health, hygiene and other social aspects of their living.
A particular mention may be made about educational and economic opportunities of the children of these slum dwellers. Since most of the slum dwellers are illiterate, making a living as daily wage labourers, are unable to take care of their children’s’ educational needs, Muskan Sansthan has initiated Aapni Pathshala Project in slums to help these children in getting quality educational support. According to one estimate there are about 500+ slums in Shekhawati Municipal area.
Aapni Pathshala was established in 2016. It’s main thrust is enhancing the standard of living of tribal communities in Churu through sustained Developmental interventions.

Our Vision

Quality education support to slum dwelling children and skill development to eligible youth enabling them to transform their lives for better. Wish to see slum residents improve their economic and social wellbeing by participating in modern and emerging economic opportunities and living with dignity and honour.


Implementing appropriate interventions for continuation of schooling and quality education for slum children.
Providing exposure to slum students on various modern educational and economic opportunities through Career Counseling, Meet the experts program etc.
Creating Successful Role models within the community for others to get inspired and to follow the footsteps.
Vocational training to youth, particularly girls & women.
Creating awareness about health, hygiene and other social aspects of their living for better living conditions and opportunities.


Results are awaited. With blessings of ‘Power Of Nature’ the children and parents of the area are motivated for education. A plan to teach the women of the community is underway .

We wish to continue this project till the divine wish

Who We Are

A Project of Muskan Sansthan Churu
The burning problem of illiteracy glooms high on the pace of our country’s progress. The care takers and the administration of our nation have numerous plans to revive the ‘golden bird’s’ status of India. These plans include the dream of eradicating illiteracy from this population of our country. Tons of capital have been diverted to improve the infrastructure and facilities for providing education to one and all. The poorest and the most impoverished are the targets
Another member who needs an active attention is the ‘girl child’.
India has a sizeable population which lacks the ‘will to educate themselves’. One of these groups consists of the slum dwellers, daily wagers and the wanderers. In one of the towns of Rajasthan Near Shekhawati Area, an area was identified where around 500 such slum dwellers have been residing for the last 7-8 years. Around 600 small children form a part of this group. They should have been regular school students but to the contrary they have been involved in activities they consider better for them.

What We Do 


1) To motivate the parents and children for education.
2) To assist in studies and routine of the children.
3) To assist in keeping up the hygiene and health of these children.
4) To assist in cleaning up areas of their residence.
5) To conduct regular – Medical & Health Checkup By Churu CMHO
-dental hygiene camps
-festival activities
-fruits, clothes and blanket distribution.


1) First-after they have this confidence in volunteers of Muskan Sansthan; make them allow a minimum school level education for slum children.
2) Help these children to education as high as they want to proceed


Youth volunteers started a regular site visit of the area in the year 2017.
-To start with- a fortnightly visit to the slums identified the beneficiaries. On Sundays a community kitchen was started and Sunday evenings. Interaction with the members of their community summarized their needs.

-Discussions with the elders guided the youth about the material and methods.

-The state president with other office bearers visited the place.

-Members of Muskan Sansthan. visited the nearby government primary school where the children of the area were to study.
-Children were motivated for regular attendance and were assured of all help in studies.
-A plan to assist the students in needs was made.

-Regular ‘ Muskan Sansthan Churu’ clothes distribution, participation in festivals, Food Matrials distribution, blanket distribution, regular deworming, medical awareness camps, form part of the activity.

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Aapni Pathshala

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